Creating games that make both the developers and the players want to give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done.


Creating games that linger on your mind, with an itch to play them again long after you've finished them.


At GLADFLOW GAMES, we do something that we call "fukko soshin" (復古創新) in Japanese - you might call it retro-innovation in English. Essentially, we take old things, learn from them, and make them new again. By using the knowledge and concepts of games that we learned of from the people before us, and combining that with modern technology and expression, we develop new games that can be played across the ages. 


We want to share the wonderful culture and history of games with the next generation. 

Creator Profile


Teppei Ikeda


Programmer for games including Shadow of the Colossus, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pokemon X and Y, and Gunslinger Stratos: Reloaded.


Comment from Ikeda:

Streamlining is the process of using time efficiently so that you have more time to work on the important things. I'm working hard on streamlining development so that I can make the best game I can with the time I have!


Akito Mori


Programming lead for games including Pokemon (from Ruby and Sapphire to X and Y) and Click Medic.


Comment from Mori:

I hope I can make an indie game that is unlike any other game that has been made until now, like passing thread through the eye of a needle.